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Welcome To The CPA Crossings Blog

Welcome to the digital grand opening of CPA Crossings' Office 365 blog. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable resource for timely and relevant information on how to get the most out of the Office 365 ecosystem.

Whether you are working as a lone ranger or are part of a large organization, the information we will be providing in this blog will help you to navigate all of the features and quirks of the entire range of Office 365 applications, from OneNote to PowerBI. 

The initial contributors to the blog will be Bryan Smith and me. Bryan and I co-founded CPA Crossings in 2001 with the goal of helping business professionals to leverage technology. We have expertise in a wide range of technology solutions, and we want to share that knowledge with you.

In 2016, we made the strategic decision to focus our efforts on the Office 365 ecosystem of applications. We believe the adoption rate for the Office 365 ecosystem will grow exponentially in the coming years. Any organization that uses the traditional Microsoft Office desktop applications, such as Outlook, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, will eventually discover the potential to significantly enhance the value of these applications when used in conjunction with the cloud-based Office 365 applications that foster communication and collaboration. 


Bryan Smith and John H. Higgins

Bryan is our resident Excel and Power BI guru and will be devoting most of his blog posts to providing you with an array of tips, tricks and best practices for getting the most out of these tools to help you bring better decision making information to your organization. I will be focusing my blog posts primarily on all of the online apps including Office Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and many more.  

I hope you will visit our blog frequently and provide feedback that will help us in our continuous efforts to provide valuable information. If you would like to learn more about the Office 365 educational programs that we offer, visit our Office 365 Learning Center or view our Power BI webinar offerings.

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