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Webinar FAQ


What software is used? 
Webinars are conducted using an online conferencing and training software application called WebEx. The client software downloads automatically after you log in to your first WebEx meeting and requires no installation. Please allow a few minutes for it to load. 

How do I get login information? 
Once you are registered online, you will receive an email confirmation listing the WebEx instructions, link and password. This email will come from sender CPA Crossings. If you do not receive this email within 10 minutes after your registration has been processed, first check your Junk email folder. If the link is not in this folder, call the CPA Crossings Webinar Hotline at 877.370.2220 ext. 1 for assistance. 

When should I log in to the webinar? 
Participants can join webinars up to 30 minutes before the webinar start time. If you are a first time WebEx user, please join the session at least 15 minutes prior to start time to allow for WebEx configuration. For technical issues, please contact WebEx Support at (866) 569-3239. You will need to provide them with the meeting ID that is listed on your login e-mail. 

What equipment will I need to participate in a webinar? 
Webinars are conducted using WebEx online meeting software and toll-free teleconference or computer speakers/headphones for audio. A computer (Mac or PC) or a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) with an internet connection is required. A telephone is optional.

How do I download the course materials? 
Click on the link in the COURSE MATERIALS section of your email confirmation. Once the session information page opens in your browser, look for the “Course Materials” section. Click on the blue hyperlink provided. Once the file downloads, you can open, save and/or print the document. If, when you arrive at the session information page, you see the message “Password Protected” instead of a hyperlink, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the “View Session Details” button. When prompted, enter the password: Webinars1. You should then see the blue hyperlink for the course materials.

How do I connect to the audio for the webinar? 
Once you click on the link and enter the webinar, you will see a pop-up window for Audio Connection. Your first option “I Will Call In,” which allows you to listen in via your telephone. Dial the number provided, then enter the training session number and your attendee ID provided. The second option is “Call Using Computer” (VOIP) so you can listen through your computer speakers or attached headphones. Once you click that option, it will offer the option to test your speakers if desired. Note, your microphone will automatically be muted. Once ready, click OK to connect. 

How do I interact with the presenter? 
You can interact with the presenter and our support team using the Chat or the Q&A options found in the WebEx tool bar located in the top center of your screen.

Will I see the presenter or instructor? 
Some speakers share a video feed of themselves, and others do not. Either way, you will hear the presenter while you view his/her presentation.

How is my participation verified/monitored? 
A polling question will be asked periodically throughout the session to confirm that all participants are still in attendance. A participant must answer 75% of the polling questions as well as be logged in 50 minutes per credit hour in order to receive full credit for the webinar, per the requirements of NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy).

How and when will I receive my record of attendance? 
You will receive your record of attendance, or CPE certificate, via email within 48 hours of completion of the webinar.

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