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New Webinar Courses Now Available

We are excited to announce that we have added over a dozen new webinars to our course library. The latest courses cover a variety of new topics and expand on existing ones. These new webinars will be available from October 2018 through April 2019.

  • The Cannabis Industry: Lessons Learned from Colorado
    This course will provide an overview of the cannabis industry, including landmark case law, Internal Revenue Code Section 280E and evolving trends and challenges for owners, investors, operators and advisors in the niche.
  • The Cannabis Industry: Business & Intellectual Appraisal
    This course will address business and intellectual property appraisal challenges within the cannabis sector. The content will cover business valuation fundamentals, including premise and standard of value, approaches, and methods of value, discounts, and premiums, and levels of value. The course will also address the valuation of intellectual property and development stage businesses in the cannabis industry.
  • Reasonable Compensation for Management, Tax, and Appraisal
    This module will focus on accepted techniques to determine and support reasonable replacement compensation for management, taxation, and business appraisal purposes. The instructor will draw on over three decades of experience as a testifying financial expert on compensation related matters.
  • Analyze Your Business Operations Data With PowerBI
    Data analytics and dashboards are rapidly changing the way that CFOs, CPAs, and auditors are evaluating the performance of their business operations: IT, HR, supply chain, inventory and more. The Microsoft Power BI tools have emerged as the "go to" tools to perform the data analytics and then present the findings in visual dashboards. This presentation will focus on showing a variety of practical applications and dashboards for measuring and reporting on the performance of your business operations.
  • Analyze Your Sales & Marketing Activities With PowerBI
    Data analytics and dashboards are rapidly changing the way that CFOs, CPAs, and auditors are evaluating the performance of their sales and marketing operations: customer profitability, sales, and marketing activities and more. The Microsoft Power BI tools have emerged as the "go to" tools to perform the data analytics and then present the findings in visual dashboard-style reports. This presentation will focus on showing you a variety of practical applications and dashboards for measuring and reporting on the performance of your sales and marketing activities.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Practical Compliance
    Since 1977 the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has haunted United States Corporations. With the SEC and DOJ handing out fines and sanctions against companies, it is a bad idea to be on the wrong side of this law, as the penalties and impact to business as usual will be severely disrupted. This session will help you understand how this law affects doing business overseas. The two main provisions involve accounting transparency and bribing foreign officials. Understand the practical steps you need to take to prevent a conflict with the new FCPA Corporate Enforcement policy. Veteran Chief Audit Executive Charles Silvey will provide you perspective and give you practical guidance to reduce your company’s risk.
  • Making Internal Audit an Asset for the CFO
    Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) created a specific deliverable for internal audit, causing many CFO’s to underutilize this important resource by not focusing on the other areas where internal audit can improve controls and productivity and reduce cost and risk. In this session, veteran Chief Audit Executive Charles Silvey will discuss often overlooked opportunities for internal audit to add value.
  • Outsourcing Relationships: Enjoy Benefits, Avoid Pitfalls
    Companies are increasingly outsourcing their supply chain’s more complex elements, including selling, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and customs clearance. This session will focus on the due diligence, contracting, managing, and monitoring of third parties that companies should, but do not always, do. The webinar will identify the risks, potential pitfalls, and solutions that can help make these relationships less risky and more beneficial. Veteran Chief Audit Executive Charles Silvey will bring practical solutions from 20 years of monitoring these relationships.
  • Better Meetings: Make Meetings Fun & Productive
    Most meetings are a snooze-fest - they waste time and prevent you from getting work done. Why do some businesses have productive meetings and others do not? Do we really need to have a meeting? What are the alternatives? This session discusses many proven tactics to make your meetings highly productive. The techniques can help you and your organization, whether you are in the C-suite or starting your career. Learn how to lead meetings that are productive and fun.
  • Delivering Bad News? Don't Be the Messenger Who Gets Shot!
    The average CFO’s tenure is about three years, ande the tenure for other financial positions may not be much better. One cause may be our responsibility to deliver BAD news. Sadly, sometimes the messenger gets shot. How can some people deliver bad news and strengthen their position, while others find themselves without a job? 

    Many financial professionals believe, “I just need to know the numbers well to keep my job.” Every day proves this fallacy wrong. How you say it is often more important than what you say. This session will teach you proven techniques to deliver bad news so that you strengthen your relationship with your CEO, board, bank and management team.
  • Motivating the Right Way - Get the Most From Your Staff!
    Are you getting the most from your staff? Are you paying top dollar and still not getting high performance? New research gives us the insights to motivate your people effectively. This session discusses proven people motivation tactics. Many ‘old’ methods did not motivate in the past and certainly do not work today. Getting the most from your people requires new, very learnable leadership techniques. Whether your business is large or a start-up, getting people to move forward as one is a challenge. This session will show you how to create an environment where your talented employees can excel.
  • Want that Promotion? We'll Show You How!
    You have worked hard, very hard, but have not received the promotion you believe you deserve. This session will help you discover what is holding you back and create a plan to meet your goals. Many accountants incorrectly assume, “If I polish my technical skills, I will be promoted.” Leadership skills are more qualitative than quantitative. Whether you are new in your career or an upper-level executive, professionals who want to succeed cannot afford to miss this course.
  • Effective Business Writing
    American businesses report losing $400 billion a year to unclear writing that wastes time, kills contracts and turns off customers. Optimize your time spent on communications as a writer and a reader. Prevent your readers from sending your documents to the circular file because they are too much work to decipher. Write with a clear purpose and enjoy the results and time saved.

    Be part of the solution, not part of the problem – write it right the first time.
  • Effective Communication for Financial Managers
    Surprisingly, in an era dubbed the “communication age,” many executives consider inadequate and ineffective information exchange between managers and employees a primary concern. In fact, in a survey produced by Robert Half Management Resources, they found that 61% of CFOs said the biggest mistake companies make in managing their employees is not sufficiently or successfully communicating with them.
  • Corporate Ethics Cases in Diversity and Inclusion
    The AICPA Code of Professional Conduct makes it clear that workplace harassment and discrimination is unacceptable, but gives little further guidance. Other behavior standards can help us fill the gaps. This session will discuss cases involving ethical issues relating to diversity, including age discrimination, ethnicity, sexually hostile work environments, and gender identity.
  • A/R and A/P: Effective Management Techniques
    Our responsibility to safeguard our organization’s assets has not changed in the 21st Century, but our tools have. New tools now allow us to more efficiently and effectively manage and control all the aspects of accounts receivable and payables. This session will help you save time on routine tasks. We can use the time saved to become better business partners. This session will discuss how can we leverage our A/R and A/P skills to add value and help our organization succeed.
  • Confessions of a Mompreneur: Leadership Lessons Learned
    As founder of a 25-year old award-winning marketing firm, Sherré has raised a business and three daughters, all younger than her business. As a result, her daughters got front row seats to the life of an entrepreneurial mom and were frequently at Mom’s side during times when what comes out of the mouths of babes is priceless as well as precious wisdom. Sherré will share some light-hearted and poignant examples of lessons learned and insights gained from those little voices in her head that were not her imagination, but her children. 

    This session will have you laughing, relating, crying and celebrating being in business, being a woman and being a mother.
  • Dream Wide Awake: Overcoming What Limits You in Life!
    With more than 30 years working with entrepreneurs and their employees, Sherré has been able to identify five wishful thinking mindsets and six fearful thinking mindsets that hold individuals back from reaching their goals and achieving their desired level of success in life and at work. 

    Based on her nationally acclaimed book, Me, Myself & Inc., DREAM WIDE AWAKE will help you shift your thinking from can’t imagine to can-do, inspiring and motivating you to take action and shift from daydreaming to dream doing!
  • Accounts Payable Fraud: Detection and Prevention Essentials
    Do you know why A/P is the biggest risk in small and midsize entities? Join us to learn the simple, zero cost ways that will assist you in virtually eliminating the risks involved in your A/P accounting practices. The instructor, Peter Goldmann, will cover a wide range of vendor fraud topics and discuss some cases of these types of fraud. A great webinar for understanding and lowering the risks in regards to A/P.
  • Vendor Fraud: Protecting Against a Growing Threat
    Every dollar that you lose in a vendor fraud is a dollar of lost profit. This course will help you to understand what vendor fraud is as well as give you examples of how to detect it. This is a growing problem and one you need to be aware of so that it doesn’t cost you a loss of your profits.
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