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Independent Software Selection Advisor

Our 3 step process

Whether you're looking to take your accounting system to the next level, implement a new document management system to take your office paperless, or deploy a portal to exchange documents and files with your clients, CPA Crossings will serve as your trusted adviser through the software selection process to ensure that your objectives are met with our proven three step process.

Step 1 - Project Strategy:   We will guide you through the definition of your key project objectives, scope of applications required, project time line and preliminary budget to make sure you start out down the right path.

Step 2 - Definition of Needs:   Through the use of our collaborative Compression Planning® process we will lead your selection team through the establishment of your critical feature requirements. The results will be integrated into our automated software selection scorecard to systematically evaluate alternative vendor solutions.

Step 3 - Vendor Evaluation:   The process culminates with the facilitation of intense vendor presentations guided by our scripted agendas to correspond with your selection scorecard.

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