Tax Webinars

We have partnered with Federal Tax Workshops, Van Der Aa Tax Ed and Eve Rose Borenstein to bring you a variety of CPE webinars that include recent tax reform changes. Our Form 990 series is listed separately near the bottom.

Click on titles to view dates and more information.

NEW 2020 Stimulus Bill: Tax Provisions You Need to Know NOW

Capitalizing and Depreciating Assets: Review and Update

Choosing the Right Entity: Factors and How to Weigh Them

COVID-19: Business and Individual Tax Provisions​

COVID-19: Updated PPP Loan Provisions and Forgiveness

Depreciating and Expensing Business Assets

Entertainment & Parking Expenses: Coping with the New Rules

How to Handle an IRS Civil Audit

Individual Tax Update 2020

Keeping your Clients out of IRS Jail

Nonprofit Taxation: Understanding the New Rules

Partnership/LLC Taxation: Recent Developments

Partnerships: How to Calculate and Report Partner's Basis

QuickBooks at Tax Time - Compliance and Client Onboarding

Real Estate Professionals, Passive Activity and Section 199A

Real Estate Tax Update

S Corporations: How to Calculate the Shareholder's Basis

Section 199A: Review and Recent Developments

Self-Rental Real Estate: Passive Activity and Section 199A

Tax Season Update with Steve Dilley

The Tax Bill is Huge! What's Next for your Client

Year-End Tax Planning: Thinking Outside the Box

Form 990 Webinar Series (in suggested order):

Understanding the Form 990 and its Preparation Prerequisites

Reporting Managers & Their Compensation: Form 990 Part VII-A

Finding & Reporting Form 990 Filers' Related Organizations

Reporting Program Service & Governance: 990 Parts III & VI

Reporting Fundraising Activities: 990 Part VIII & On

Financial Statements Disclosure: 990 Parts VIII, IX, X & XI

Intro to 60% of the 990's Most Common Schedules: A, B & C

Intro to Other Most Common 990 Schedules: D & G (M as bonus)

Form 990 Schedule L, Transactions with Interested Persons

Form 990 Parts V (Other Tax Issues) & I (Summary Financials)

Governance Time! Form 990 Part VI & Schedule O Narrations

Disclosing Managers / Compensation on Core Form 990 & Sch. J

Interested Person Sunshine: 990 Schedule L, Parts II-IV

Understanding & Meeting the Two Public Support Tests


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